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Canoe Tripping in Algonquin - Then and Now
Three canoe tripping experiences! Over 100 years apart, yet connected in time in so many ways! Check out these insights into how the canoe tripping experience in Algonquin Park has changed and yet not changed at all.(order/details)


CANOE LAKE HERITAGE MAP - Rolled - $25 CDN / Folded - $15 CDN
Rolled: $25
Folded: $15


Standing on the shores of Canoe Lake today, you see a landscape shaped not only by water, wind and ice; you see a landscape that echoes from the sculpting hands of twentieth century Ontarians, who have lived, logged, camped and cottaged here since the establishment of Algonquin Park. Today it’s hard to believe that in 1897 over 700 people lived and worked in a town called Mowat in the north west corner of the Lake. This plus 40 other current and historical landmarks are brought to life on this hand drawn historical interpretive map. Also available is a limited Collectors Edition that includes detailed settlement history of each current and abandoned leasehold in addition to the historical and current landmarks.

Map Attributes:

Poster size (25” by 39” )

Publication Date: August 2001

Available on a non-return basis directly from the author at 831-464-8130 (email In summer it is available in Algonquin Park at the Visitors Center and the Canoe Lake Access Point, The Portage Store. And Algonquin Outfitters and in Huntsville at the Muskoka Heritage Place and the Artisans of Muskoka.


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